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Hello, dear Stranger!

"I am playing synthesizers…"

… well, at least what is left of those ancient beasts since the early days of the dawning Electronic Age. Here, you can download some of my songs.

You may also listen to Full Bucket Music at

I have developed several VST synthesizer plug-ins – look for them in the vst section.

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All tracks were recorded in the Full Bucket Studios.
loco system New! (3'18'')
@ SoundCloud
my contribution to the KVR One Synth Challenge #79. A humble bow to the master, Hideki Matsutake.
Completely done with Lokomotiv.
play (3'45'')
@ SoundCloud
The first track I did with my daughter – she composed and played the melodies, I just did the remaining stuff.
All synths sounds are generated by Full Bucket Music VSTs.
ESX jam
 (click here for mp3)
YouTube video
Recorded "live" in 2015, just me and my Korg Electribe ESX. No post-processing, overdubs, nor cheating.
dove affair (4'31'' – 4.1MB) easy listening electro pop.
Featuring my new LP clone.
opus pokus (10'40'')
@ SoundCloud
Downtempo/chillout session together with Witold (bass).
Electric bass + Roland VK8 + Juno Di + Korg Electribe SX. This is it.
puppy (5'43'')
@ SoundCloud
my contribution to the KVR One Synth Challenge #67.
Completely done with Digits VST.
polyBlitz (4'45'')
@ SoundCloud
my contribution to the KVR One Synth Challenge #62.
Completely done with polyIblit.
chill winds
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@ SoundCloud
chillout Electronica.
Lots of sounds from Nabla, the blooo, the scrooo, and Mono/Fury.
Drum samples are vitalized by the Frequency Shifter.
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@ SoundCloud
classic Electronica.
Completely done with the Nabla plus a few effects.
eden (4'06'' – 3.9MB) classic Electronica (recorded back in 1986).
For these two rusty buckets I solely used a Mono/Poly and a DeltaLab JR 1050 Effectron digital delay (to be honest that was almost all I had at that time). Recording was done on a friend's Yamaha four-track cassette recorder (no ping-pong, just overdubbing). Unfortunately, today I only have the "master mix" left (on cassette and in mono), so sorry for the poor sound quality. To refurbish the recordings I used some decent EQing and reverb.
mountain music (4'02'' – 3.9MB)
pathetronique (2'50'' – 2.6MB) a short classitronical composition.
I revived my K2000VP for it and added some VST stuff.
 (click here for mp3)
YouTube video
classic Electronica.
Recorded "live" in 2013, performed on my beloved Korg Mono/Poly plus a simple stereo delay & reverb.
mp4 (7'06'')
YouTube video
experimental Electronica.
Pure analog stuff... recorded in 1985 using my Korg Mono/Poly (in two instances).
sunrise suite (4'31'')
YouTube video
classic Electronica.
Pure analog stuff... recorded "live" in 1987 on a simple cassette tape using a Korg Mono/Poly and a Crumar Bit One.
deputy (5'28'' – 5.3MB) classic Electronica.
Completely done with the deputy Mark II plus a few effects.
Malvern blooos (3'30'' – 3.4MB) something completely different!
composed & recorded in Malvern, PA.
relief (7'36'' – 7.3MB) classic Electronia.
composed & recorded in Malvern, PA.
detour (part 2) (5'13'' – 5.0MB) part two of the sonic odyssey.
Completely done with the scrooo plus a few effects.
scrooo (3'27'' – 3.3MB) classic Electronica.
Completely done with the scrooo plus a few effects.
clock shock (4'11'' – 4.1MB) go dance to his Master's Clock!
Done with the Mono/Fury, the blooo, Radias, and ersdrums.
hunted (4'07'' – 4.0MB) composed in '85, re-recorded in 2010.
Completely done with the Mono/Fury plus a few effects.
detour (4'26'' – 4.3MB) classic Electronica.
Completely done with the blooo plus a few effects.
bump (4'00'' – 3.8MB) composed in '87, re-recorded in 2010.
Completely done with the blooo plus a few effects.
orbit dance (4'19'' – 4.2MB) a fancy 80's electro-disco tune.
Vintage sounds from Radias and some VSTIs.
behold the man (7'01'' – 6.7MB) powerful Prog Rock tune.
Vintage sounds from VK-8, Radias, RP-X, and some VSTIs.
birth of a kyborg (4'47'' – 4.6MB) Genesis – Resurrection – Initiation.
Not really music… but an acoustic impression in three movements.
bad raggae (4'55'' – 4.7MB) remix of two classic Spys of Nuts tunes.
Featuring Nicole Bœuf (yes, the voice of Das Omen!) and Thomas Bœuf on guitar.
romantique (4'26'' – 4.1MB) it's a bit like looking back on the old days…
obstacle (9'07'' – 8.6MB) old school Electronica – uncut – 9 minutes sequencing & sfx.
This tune is solely done with the Korg Radias.
stronghold (4'02'' – 3.9MB) Prog Rock instrumental again, 7/8 is a must.
This tune is solely done with freeware VST instruments.
16 buckets (4'20'' – 4.2MB) a heavy cooperation with Ingo S. (aka 16 Tons).
London chillout (4'58'' – 4.8MB) sit down, relax, and take a virtual trip around the Swinging City.
mode decision (7'25'' – 7.1MB) acient Electronica style. How to go to the Moon? Directly, EOR, or even LOR?
For you synth freaks out there: This song contains some (externally triggered) "Poly Mode" arpeggiating of the Korg Mono/Poly.
past perfect (4'42'' – 4.5MB) sequences you back to the Eighties. Argh, I can hear a guitar!
the answer is wrong (6'37'' – 6.4MB) very dynamic Prog Rock instrumental.
scene of the crime (5'24'' – 5.2MB) criminal dance floor.
no need for L.Ron (2'54'' – 2.8MB) this Acid Jazz song is my personal answer to something we really don't need.
sevenAte (3'31'' – 3.4MB) a neat little song – not too fast, just a few sounds (listen to the Mellotron) and rhythmical hiccups.
tecnow (3'55'' – 3.8MB) started as a fun project – and ended in fun. Enjoy its serious atmosphere.
The scream is sampled from a rotten computer game.
don't turn back (5'55'' – 5.7MB) Prog Rock instrumental – many vintage sounds.
uprising (7'15'' – 7.0MB) a very groovy and mystic tune – includes vocoder choirs.
the bucket has landed (8'04'' – 7.8MB) the final space odyssey. Comes in two parts: "prelude" and "can't hear you for some reason".
Thanks to NASA for Apollo radio transmission samples.
On all these songs I played the following instruments:
  • Korg Mono/Poly
  • Korg Radias
  • Korg Electribe SX
  • EMU Vintage Keys Plus
  • GEM RP-X
  • Digitech Talker
  • Yamaha APX-7 guitar
  • LP & Strat clone electric guitars
  • Several free VST instruments
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