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Free VST and Audio Units Plug-ins

"Any Full Bucket" synth plug-in is subject of KVR's One Synth Challenge #147 (OSC)!
Go to the official OSC website and listen to the submissions of this amazing event!

ModulAir ‑ v1.2.4

02-Jul-2021 Polyphonic Modular Synth

WhispAir ‑ v1.0.3

08-Jul-2021 Wavetable Synthesizer KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2021

Grain Strain ‑ v1.0.0

01-Jul-2021 Grain Straining Effect KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2021

Bucket Pops ‑ v1.0.4

14-Aug-2021 KORG Mini Pops-7 Simulation

Fury-800 ‑ v2.3.0

04-Sep-2021 KORG Poly-800 Simulation

Tricent mk III ‑ v1.0.7

16-Jul-2020 KORG Trident Simulation

FB-3300 ‑ v1.1.6

13-Aug-2021 KORG PS-3300 Simulation

FB-3200 ‑ v1.0.4

10-Sep-2019 KORG PS-3200 Simulation

FB-3100 ‑ v1.1.7

10-Sep-2019 KORG PS-3100 Simulation

Stigma ς ‑ v1.2.7

14-Aug-2021 KORG Sigma KP-30 Simulation

FBVC ‑ v1.0.2

19-Dec-2019 KORG Vocoder VC-10 Simulation

Mono/Fury ‑ v2.2.6

16-Jul-2021 KORG Mono/Poly® Simulation

SequencAir ‑ v1.1.3

28-Jun-2020 Step Sequencer/Synthesizer

The Deputy Mark II ‑ v1.2.6

22-Oct-2020 String Synthesizer

Nabla ∇ ‑ v1.2.5

19-Jul-2020 KORG Delta DL-50 Simulation

The qyooo ‑ v1.1.3

18-Sep-2019 Complex Modulation Synthesizer

The scrooo ‑ v1.3.0

02-Dec-2019 Spectral Formant Synthesizer

The blooo ‑ v2.1.6

29-Dec-2020 Polyphonic Synthesizer

Frequency Shifter ‑ v1.1.1

18-Sep-2019 Bode Frequency Shifter

FB Phaser ‑ v1.0.0

21-Aug-2019 Analog Phaser Simulation

FB Brigade Delay ‑ v1.2.4

16-Jul-2020 BBD Analog Delay Simulation

Ragnarök ‑ v1.2.4

13-Sep-2019 Performance Synthesizer

MPS ‑ v1.1.7

14-Aug-2021 Musical Parameter Synthesizer

Kern ‑ v1.1.5

10-Sep-2019 Performance Synthesizer
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